Take Flight

Interactive Sculpture

Take Flight is an interactive sculpture combining both fragility and vigour. Thirty-two sets of rhythmically beating wings mounted on a surface behave as a swarm, influenced both by one another and the curious visitors who may approach them. Take Flight is dynamic, occupying a space somewhere between the natural and the synthetic.

Each set of wings that make up the sculpture is unique, its design generated using a specific algorithm and the delicate filigree pattern giving each pair a distinctive character, creating an intriguing foil to their insistent movements.

Take Flight was commissioned for Level39, Canary Wharf. It has since been exhibited at NOW Gallery, North Greenwich, and Fish Island Labs, Hackney Wick.

You can view a video of Take Flight in action on vimeo: takeflight. If you are interested in including Take Flight in an exhibition, or further commissions, please get in touch using the details below.

A big thank you to Britta Pollmuller, Richard Colson, Keith Watson, Jeremy Gardiner, Jake Durrant, Jason Taylor, Stefan Christou, and especially Sam Greenfield.

Ravensbourne Sketchbooks


Generative graphics for the covers of Ravensbourne Graphic Design course sketchbooks. The graphics were overprinted on discarded stock creating a huge range of varied cover design outcomes. By using discarded stock the project addresses issues of sustainability and reduces cost and waste.

London Live

Generative Visuals Application

I was asked by an agency to create applications that generated artwork based on realtime image search and weather data. The example pictured searched for images on a theme (in this example 'flowers') which are geolocated in London, select colours and generate the artwork. The application allowed you to search for any image themes and control how they were manipulated. The applications were used by their agency as part of their pitch for the channel indents for new Digital TV station London Live.

Creative Coding 2013

Education Course

Creative Code 2013 was a six week extra-curricular course to introduce programming to Graphic Design students at Ravensbourne College. Using Processing, the basics of programming were covered and then students were encouraged to explore further and tackle a brief or integrate creative coding into their own projects.


Part designer, part programmer, I am interested in creating interactive experiences for spaces and screens, and data-driven generative design. I enjoy working with clients developing ideas and aesthetics.

Alkaline is my new focus, and a venture I share with Alex Prokop, a long standing friend and collaborator. We have joined forces to pool talents and ideas and make something greater than the sum of it's parts. We are interested in projects that cross the digital physical divide, particularly interactive, data-driven, and generative design. We are actively looking for commissions and collaborations so please get in touch using the details below. Go to our site and check it out: alkaline.io

I am a Senior Lecturer on Ravensbourne's Graphic Design course. I have taught there for four years, and recently initiated a variety of creative coding courses.

Before setting up Alkaline, I worked as a freelance designer and developer for six years at agencies and managing my own clients, mainly designing and building flash content, like websites, AIR apps and kiosks, as well as traditional branding and identity work. During this time I was lucky to meet and work with some great people and clients.

I studied Graphic Art & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University, gaining my Masters there in 2006.


phone: +44 7869104906
email: mail@davidhunterdesign.com
twitter: @DHDPIC
vimeo: vimeo.com/dhunter

website: alkaline.io
email: david@alkaline.io
twitter: @alkaline_io

Studio 5, Fish Island Labs,
Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Road,
London, E3 4NQ